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  • Six Years Later…

    In June South Lodge passed its six year anniversary, but as this was also the month of the several events at the MK Bowl we were too busy to think about it! However, it did make us consider possible improvements to the rooms, so Room Five has a lovely new shower and Room Four has new blackout curtains. There’s been the usual redecorating to keep everything looking fresh and new. We’ve also introduced a free daily newspaper. There’s a;ways something to be getting on with here…

  • Social Media Update

    We are pleased to mark the one hundredth five star review on Trip Advisor! All reviews can be seen by going to TripAdvisor. If you have a look at out TA reviews you might also notice that they have been posted by a good mix of visitors – all united in their appreciation of a quality experience! South Lodge is now on Facebook! If you’d like to have a look at our page, or even ‘like’ us, go to: And, if that wasn’t all enough, you can also find photos relating to South Lodge, Milton Keynes and other fine places on Pinterest at:

  • The Race Is On!

    After months of ‘gentle’ progress, we are hoping to have the new room ready for 24 April. This is no mean feat, as the room, en suite and exterior still need lots of work, not to mention timely delivery of some furniture! You can see the current condition from the three photos. So wish us luck – progress will be reported!

  • Room Four At South Lodge

    We are very pleased to announce the imminent completion of Room Four for South Lodge! Subject to availability of workmen, furniture, decorators etc. As you can see, it is at the early stages but should be open to guests in late April. It’s twenty five square meters with the usual level of luxury – but with one or two new extras and of course a unique colour scheme! If you’d like to receive information and photos about the progress of this room go to our Social Media page and sign up to South Lodge Images. More soon!

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