Access & Parking

General parking

For staying guests, South Lodge has a dozen formal parking spaces and is flexible enough to have been a temporary home to boats, caravans and three wheel motorbikes!

For disabled guests there are dedicated spaces, see below.

The house

South Lodge is a single storey building. We have never thought of it as a bungalow though; it doesn’t conjure up an image of that type of building. Nevertheless there are no stairs, just a maximum of two small steps up to the front doors, easily overcome by appropriate ramps. Once you’re inside, everything is on one smooth level. If you’re in a wheelchair you might like to know that all the doorways are 830mm wide or wider.

The garden

Access to the gardens is via the main house or from certain bedrooms (see below). Most of the flowerbeds are adjacent to paved areas, as are the sitting areas. All other areas are accessible via our lawns, which only undulate slightly at worst. The garden begins right outside the guests’ rooms, meaning a good view as well as easy access.

Disabled parking

In addition to the ample free parking adjacent to the rooms, there is an extra wide parking bay right outside Room Three (see below). Mobility impaired guests may choose to be dropped off directly outside the main house: again, there is ample room for temporary parking.

The rooms

All the rooms have walk-in showers with overhead or hand-held showerhead options. Rooms One, Two and Four have a metre wide glass sliding door that allows access to a private patio. Again there is one step down, and again we have ramps where needed.

For visually impaired persons some light switches have Braille translation.

Room Three

The door that opens directly to the dedicated parking is 900mm wide. The room is sufficiently spacious to allow free movement and a turning circle of 1200mm is possible in the bathroom area. This large suite also has additional features for bathroom use and moving around. Two washbasins at differing heights without pedestals offer ease of use for most people. Grab and drop rails are available over the basins, by the WC and in the shower. A portable shower seat is available.

For visually impaired persons the light switches colour contrast with the walls, which themselves are in a variety of shades.

Still not sure?

At South Lodge we are fully aware that no two guests are alike and everyone has their own particular needs. So, if you have any questions, or there is some way we might help you, please do not hesitate to pick up the phone. Our philosophy is a good environment for everyone.

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