Five Star B&B - Milton Keynes

South Lodge – A rare type of bed & breakfast…

‘Boutique’ bed and breakfasts can be found all over the UK, and many leisure and business travellers prefer them to the more conventional hotels. Whilst they don’t offer gyms or bars, the faithful guests are usually happy to swop those facilities for personal service and a quiet environment. South Lodge stands out for two reasons:

  • Location. So many boutique B&Bs can only be found in leisure areas, on the coast, or in the country. If there is also a business demand it’s almost by chance, such in places such as London or Oxford.
  • Decor. Though you’ll find beautifully decorated places elsewhere, there are very few designed in a contemporary manner, with functional but well designed modern Italian furniture and hard floors – underheated of course!

Our vision was to create a place that is functionally and stylistically ‘on the money’, with appeal to all types of customers with all types of needs. Generally speaking, we think we’ve achieved it, and years of returning customers, both business and leisure, seem to bear it out!

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